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Scholarships & Awards

We award Scholarships and Awards on merit to pupils whom we wish to attract to Berkhamsted because of the contribution they are able to make to school life, be that academic, dramatic, musical, sporting, creative or as potential leaders

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The Scholarship value is usually 10% of the tuition fees and higher awards may be given. Exhibitions may also be awarded for music and drama. Further details are available in the Information booklet.

Information booklet 

All awards may be varied at the absolute discretion of the Principal.


Where there is a demonstrated need, additional means-tested funding may be available to those awarded Scholarships.

More information about Scholarships may be obtained from the Admissions Manager on the contact details below:

Application Forms

Open to all pupils entering Berkhamsted from Year 7 to Year 12 (unless stated otherwise)

Sixth Form Application Forms

Additional Scholarships available only to pupils entering in Year 12